Controversies of Stun Guns

Controversies of Stun Guns

Controversies of Stun Guns

Even though the stun guns electrical current charge is
non-lethal, there are many controversies surrounding the
use of stun guns as weapons and a self-defense tool.

The controversy is centered on justification of the use of
the weapon in some instances and health issues that are
claimed to be due to the use of the stun gun.

Manufacturers instructions and disclaimers warn that the
prolong exposure to the electrical current given by the
stun gun can be possibly fatal.

The U.N. Committee against Torture reports that the use of
stun guns can be a form of torture because of the pain they
cause the disclaimers of death in certain instances.

They are also banned because of their heightened abuse
potential. There have been several cases of excessive stun
gun use that amount to torture. It is said that they are
used to inflict pain on individuals that is cruel.

Stun guns don’t leave the markings that other beatings
might so the cases of abuse are alleged ones at the time.

There are also doubts of the effectiveness of stun guns as
a self-defense weapon. Many people today carry some sort of
stun gun or taser on their person for the sake of an
emergency, but without the proper training the weapon may
prove useless.

Users need to learn where to stun the person and how long
to keep the stun gun against the persons body. Without
proper training, the user may have the weapon taken away,
broken, or used against themselves after only mildly
irritating the attacker.

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