Is there a miracle cure for stuttering among kids?

Is there a miracle cure for stuttering among kids?

Is there a miracle cure for stuttering among kids?

Most of the time people look for easy fixes and miracle cures for a lot of different illness and diseases. In a lot of instances people are asking to be rid of their sickness without really understanding what the symptoms and causes of the illness is. People are easy to think that a miracle cure can help them save the day. The truth is the no miracle cure for AIDS, there is no wonder drug for HIV and as true as those two truths can be, there is no cure for stuttering.

Stuttering is a speech impediment that causes a person to repeat or prolong the syllables, a word or a single phrase in their statement. This is often caused by severe anxiety, over excitement, self consciousness, embarrassment and stress. People who are put in a hot seat situation often times stutter and stammer for the words to say. People who experience stuttering may experience it as a self-defense mechanism. Adults who have most likely developed stuttering as a defense mechanism also suffer from low self esteem, lack of self confidence, weak personality and weak communication skills.

Most of the time children who have developed stuttering outgrow it in their early toddler years. Children develop stuttering at the time that they are just about learning how to speak. The reason behind is that they are yet to be familiarized with the different textures of sound and they are comfortable in reciting the words or phrases that they find most convenient to them.

Children who are well observed and guided outgrow stuttering without any problems, but for children who do not out grow stuttering there are some factors that contribute to it. One may be the child’s confusion in the language usage. Multi-lingual families often have this kind of setback in the speech development of a child, especially when the child is exposed to different words of different etymologies. Families having and using different dialects or languages to communicate makes it difficult for a child to learn which one language they need to use.

Another problem or factor is the child’s ability to receive proper coaching and encouragement from parents, children who are rarely monitored by parents often never over come their stuttering because no one was there to help them out. Stuttering in adults causes serious social issues, all of it could have been detected and taken care of as children when they were developing.

For parents, finding the time to stimulate and motivate your children to develop their esteem and their communication skills helps a lot in changing the way people talk. People with stutters of ten need help early on.

Lastly, one of the major factors that contribute to development of stuttering is the refusal of parents to submit their children to professional help. Some parents, especially those with close minds find it a disgrace to them as parents to have a child with defects. Considering the lack of communication skills in a child is considerable defect which constitutes to abnormality. Though a rarity nowadays people who are stuck in the medieval times still think it is god’s punishment to have children with defects.

The real cure for stuttering is knowledge and understanding, there are a lot of speech therapy classes and facilities that specialize in helping people with stutters live a normal life and all it takes is for people to understand.

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