Smallest Stun Gun

Smallest Stun Gun

Smallest Stun Gun

The world’s smallest stun gun is the streetwise mini Stun
gun. At a little larger than three inches long, two inches
wide and three quarters inches in diameter, this little guy
packs a wallop with its one million volts.

It uses three, 3-volt lithium batteries but it can also be
upgraded to a rechargeable unit for a few dollars more.
This will save you the typical fourteen dollars it costs to
replace the batteries. This mini stun gun is smaller than a
pack of cigarettes.

Not only does the voltage amount mean faster
immobilization, it means that the current can pass through
layers of clothing.

With 1,000,000 volts, it is not only the world’s smallest
stun gun, but also the most powerful stun gun on the

Just a test fire of this mini self-defense stun gun into
the air is sometimes enough to scare off attackers. If the
sight and sound from this piece doesn’t stop the attacker,
then surely the jolt from one million volts will.

Since the smallest stun gun is so small, literally fitting
inside a cigarette box, it also fits nicely in a pocket or
a purse. Women often carry purses filled with so many items
like makeup, perfume, lotion, and more. There usually isn’t
room for extra bulky self-defense devices.

Because it is so small, it is also ideal for men. It fits
easily into a suit or jeans pocket. It is perfect for the
person always on the go. The smallest stun gun is great for
walking the dog, jogging in the park or a night out with
your friends.

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