Helpful tips that are often taught in women’s self defense class

Helpful tips that are often taught in women’s self defense class

Where do women get attacked?

The answer to this question is that a woman can be attacked anywhere. City streets, parking lots, college campus, workplaces or even at home. There have been cases when women were victimized in cars, and their hotel rooms as well. It looks like no place is safe for women and they have to be on their guard everywhere. While there are times when onlookers come to their aid, but usually women are attacked when they are alone and there is not even the opportunity to call the authorities. In this situation, women should be able to defend themselves and this is where Women’s Self Defense Class comes into the picture.

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There are many classes run by experts that teach self defense tactics to women. They are taught how to overpower a man who could be stronger than themselves, or even ward off an attack by an armed assaulter. Let us look at the self-defense rules that are taught to women in the good classes

•    The first rule is to be aware of where you are and your surroundings. Do not pay attention to your cell phone because no message or phone call is worth risking your safety

•    You should also use your common sense and avoid places which are prone to crime. For instance, do not walk down a dark alley at night because you are no actress in a movie

•    Learn as many self-defense techniques as you can and the best way to do this is to attend women’s self defense class. If you cannot do this then the next best thing is to watch a DVD teaching such techniques

•    Out of all the moves you are taught at the class, you should pick a few that you are most comfortable with. Practice them till you feel you have mastered them and in a crisis situation these moves will naturally come to the fore

•    Never get into a car with a stranger and don’t accept a ride from someone you don’t know. If you are threatened to get into a car, keep put wherever you are, don’t think you will be able to avoid harm by getting into the car. In fact it is always the opposite of this

•    Do not look or act as an easy target because attackers usually look for easy prey

•    Always be careful to walk with a confident posture and strong gait also if you are threatened you should make eye contact with the attacker so that he knows that you are not afraid and likely to respond in a way that can hurt him

•    If you are attacked, do whatever you can to protect yourself, including screaming, biting, scratching kicking, gouging or stomping. This of course is apart from the self-defense techniques that you have been taught in your class.

Most of the times, women’s self defense class also teaches psychological tactics apart from physical ones. Learn and practice them well.

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