Liquid Stun Guns

Liquid Stun Guns

Liquid Stun Guns

One of the newest types of self-defense stun guns on the
market is the liquid charged stun gun. This works the same
way that a taser gun works but instead of wire transferring
the current into the targets body, a liquid stream that is
shot out of the stun gun transfers it.

The gun is hooked up to a tank of highly conductive liquid,
usually a mix of water, salt and other conductive elements.
Then the trigger is pulled and the electrical current moves
through the gun through the liquid stream and onto the

These guns have a much longer firing range than the taser
guns and they can be shot more than once in succession.

One downfall is that these liquid stun guns are heavier and
more cumbersome than stun guns and tasers due to the

Portable models of the liquid stun gun generally have a
back mounted tank that holds the fluid, while vehicle
mounted guns use mounted water cannons. The portable unit
uses the same basic principal as a kids super soaker water

The market for stun weapons is rapidly growing since law
enforcement and military units are now in need of
non-lethal weapons to subdue angry mobs without the

Also with many people concerned for their own personal
safety and the safety of their families but are not
comfortable with carrying a gun, the stun gun is certainly
a better prospect.

And with technology always advancing, they will be even
easier to use and more effective as time goes on.

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