Top Bear Pepper Spray Tips

Top Bear Pepper Spray Tips

´╗┐Top Bear Pepper Spray Tips

Bears are notoriously curious not necessarily aggressive. They are however extremely motivated by food. It is their very keen sense of smell that draws them to food out in the wilderness, at your campsite or in your backyard.

It is this same keen sense of smell that makes bear pepper spray so effective.

Bear pepper spray is an effective deterrent in reducing injuries from bear attacks both to the bears and humans.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is the regulatory agency controlling bear pepper sprays by virtue of an act of Congress. That is tip #1-look for the EPA registration on the bottom of the front label.

All pepper spray is oleoresin capsicum (OC). Human pepper sprays are in the 10-20 % range. If you see a spray that claims it is 10-20 % OC it is not a bear spray.

The EPA requires no more than 2 % of capsaicin and a minimum size can of 7.9 ounces or 225 grams. That is tip #2.

3. The spray should have a minimum spray distance of 25′.

4. The spray should have a minimum duration of 6 seconds.

5. Always carry bear spray in bear country and be ready to use it.

6. When faced with a bear encounter, give the bear a chance to leave. The bear
pepper spray should be your last resort.

7.If an attack seems imminent spray slightly downward from 30-40 feet away.

This effectively creates a ‘wall’ of pepper spray between you and the bear. If the bear proceeds thru the wall its’ keen sense of smell is highly repelled by the OC and will retreat.

Just remember that wind, rain, even temperatures can affect the spray and its’ effectiveness.

If you follow these tips you can avoid a nasty bear encounter and might even save your life.

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